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Petrochemical Industry

The petroleum and chemical industry is an important area for the application of refractory materials. There are many kinds of different thermal furnaces, with complex operation conditions, so various types of refractory materials need to be selected to meet specific application conditions. Although the operation temperature is not high, it requires good integrity, strong pressure, wear and corrosion resistance, and and the use conditions are really harsh, so the  petrochemical industrial furnace needs not only ordinary refractory materials, but also advanced or special refractory materials to adapt to the development of petrochemical industry.

SIJIHUO Refractory is a professional refractory manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience, we can provide the following refractory products for petrochemical industry according to the needs.

1)Corundum product: it can be widely used in gasification furnace of the petrochemical industry, as the lining of gasification furnace and the synthetic ammonia two-stage conversion furnace;

2)Light weight insulation product: it is the necessary energy saving refractory material for industrial furnaces, the high grade insulation bricks are widely used in petrochemical industry of  synthetic ammonia primary furnace, ethylene cracking furnace lining, can directly contact the flame part.

1)Light weight monolithic refractory: we provide various kinds of monolithic refractory for industrial heating furnaces, sulfur recovery devices, etc.

2) Refractory materials for coal water slurry gasifier.

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