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Glass Industry

Compared with traditional technology, modern glass production technology has made great progress with higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and better product quality. As the core equipment of glass production, the technical level of glass kiln is also continuously improved, new technologies such as improving combustion intensity, enhancing heat transfer effect, reducing heat loss and reducing pollution to products and the environment are widely used.

The technological progress of the kiln requires a variety of high-quality refractory materials as a guarantee. The refractory materials can withstand higher temperatures, more rapid temperature changes, more intense chemical erosion, and more severe stress damage. Only with high-quality refractory materials,  can realize the new technologies of kiln, such as high efficiency, energy saving and low pollution. High-quality refractory materials are not only consumable materials for modern high-temperature technology, but also functional materials necessary to realize new high-temperature technology.

SIJIHUO Refractory is a professional one-stop refractory materials supplier for glass kilns with more than 20 years’ experience. We look forward to cooperating with you, with professional services, good quality products and most competitive prices!

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